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Olivia DeJonge is ready to rock and roll as Priscilla Presley in Baz Luhrmann’s high-anticipated Elvis.

Speaking to us from New York, Australian Olivia DeJonge describes the city that never sleeps as “bustling” and “with such incredible energy”. If you have been following the 23-year-old, you will know that’s also a fitting description for her career, as the actress greets new experiences with warmth and charm.

Lately, everything feels new for DeJonge, which she reasons is thanks to the pandemic. “[The pandemic] has sort of forced people to be a lot more creative,” she explains. As for what’s changed in the industry since she started out, DeJonge confesses she was too young as a “bright-eyed 12-yearold” to make a comparison, but despite this, even she recognises the recent evolution of increased awareness and representation. “I think it’s been a really interesting thing to be able to develop and grow sort of with the industry as it’s becoming a lot more self-aware of its impact on the community.”

This conversation about community transitions naturally to DeJonge’s camping-gone-wrong experience on Netflix’s The Society. “In hindsight, there’s definitely some parallels between art imitating life and life imitating art,” she comments regarding the timing of its release with the pandemic following a year later. Although the binge-worthy series didn’t get a second season, DeJonge assures us that the experience was like the spring break that she never really had. “Oh my god. I had so much fun,” she enthuses. “Some of my best friends for life are from that job.”

Even without The Society, DeJonge’s schedule remains packed, with a notable mention of her role in the HBO Max true crime series The Staircase, which she describes as “a dramatic take on the murder that happened in the 90s”. Starring alongside Toni Collette and Colin Firth (his first TV role in 25 years!), DeJonge plays Caitlin Atwater, the biological daughter of real-life victim Kathleen Peterson.

full look. CHANEL

full look. CHANEL
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The Staircase is currently on HBO Max.
Elvis is in UK and US cinemas from 24th June.

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