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As she stars in Ti West’s slasher romp, Brittany Snow shows she’s not afraid to get X-Rated.

It’s no secret that female sexuality comes at a price in your typical slasher movie – a notion that Brittany Snow was all too aware of as she first read the script for X. It’s set in 1979 as a group of young filmmakers embark on making a low-budget pornographic film, but acclaimed horror writer and director Ti West aims to subvert these all too familiar slasher tropes. While Snow had some initial reservations, it was West’s vision for the film that quickly put her mind at ease.

“When you read a script that’s about porn in the 70s, if it’s not done in the right way, it can be seen as gratuitous,” she says. “It wasn’t until I talked to Ti and realised how character-driven the sex scenes were and that it was more about the confidence that these women had and how they were trying to make something of their lives…I felt that it wasn’t just for shock value or for the men to see this movie. It was a challenge to let go of these preconceived notions.”

Snow plays the sexually liberated Bobby-Lynne Parker, who’s no stranger to a 70s porn shoot, but it was the role’s complexity that jumped off the page. Snow enthuses, “There was an opportunity to do something with this character that was different to just playing that archetype bombshell in a horror film. Ti wanted to give her some depth. That was really smart because it’s so easy to make that type of woman feel cheap or just one dimensional. It was interesting to play her as the smartest woman in the room knowing how to use her assets.”

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X is in cinemas now.

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