Schön! 41 | comizi d’amore

coat. Salvatore Ferragamo
sunglasses. polette Gattaca
Lelé wears
dress+ tight-boots. Emilio Pucci
sunglasses. polette Abigail
Daseul wears.
top. Marco Rambaldi
sunglasses. polette Rococo
Thiam wears
coat. Salvatore Ferragamo
kilt. Stylist’s own
trousers. ÇANAKU
shoes. Versace
sunglasses. polette Gattaca

It’s a sunny day for this Schön! 41 editorial photographed by Arianna Angelini with movement and creative direction by AP Taccardo. Our team of models wear a variety of sunglass styles from polette alongside looks from Emilio Pucci, Salvatore Ferragamo, Annakiki and others, all styled by Patrick Clark. Hair is by Gianluca Grechi and make up is by Raffaella Tomaiuolo. Discover the full editorial now, only in Schön! 41.

Thiam wears
jumper. Vitelli
jeans. Divergence
belt. sirainer
shoes. Versace
sunglasses. polette Kahlo
bracelets. Emanuele Bicocchi
Daseul wears
corset. Lorenzo Seghezzi
shirt. ÇANAKU
leggings. Annakiki
shoes. Simona Vanth
foulard. Versace
sunglasses. polette Roskilde
Lelé wears
shirt+trousers. Lorenzo Seghezzi
boots. Salvatore Ferragamo
sunglasses. polette Jolie Green
jewellery. Emanuele Bicocchi
Francesca wears
top. MSGM
trousers + skirt. Malloni
sunglasses. polette Virgil Blue
Elisa wears
jacket. MSGM
sunglasses. polette Alfredo Clear
earring. Garçon de Famille

coat. Pierre-Louis Mascia
jumper. Vitelli
trousers. MM6 Maison Margiela
sunglasses. polette M001 Yellow
necklace. Emanuele Bicocchi
Elisa wears
coat. Annakiki
trousers. MSGM
sunglasses. polette Ashanti Pink
earring. Garçon de Famille
Francesca wears
jumpsuit. Salvatore Ferragamo
glove. Stylist’s own
glasses. polette Falov
earring. Ilenia Corti Vernissage Project

This Schön! 41 editorial has been produced by

photography. Arianna Angelini
creative + movement direction. AP Taccardo @ Divergence Studios
fashion + production. Patrick Clark @ Divergence Studios
models. Lelé @ Fabbrica Milano, Daseul @ URBN Models, Francesca Fa @ Persona, Thiam @ Independent + Elisa @ Monster Mgmt
hair. Gianluca Grechi @ Blend Management using Monacelli Italy
make up. Raffaella Tomaiuolo @ Blend Management
fashion assistant. Claudia Canella
special thanks. Bar Rondò, Milan

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