Schön! 40 | float on

coat. Zhuxuan He
shoes. Dr. Martens x Keith Haring
plinth. Dion Horstmans
coat. Syna Chen
top. Zimmermann
shoes. Prada

Embrace the season’s last days of nice weather with this Schön! 40 editorial photographed by Jess Brohier. Model Varsha Kumar wears pieces from Zhuxuan He, Zimmermann, Prada and others styled by Catherine V., who also creative directed the piece. Hair for the piece is by Darren Summors and make up is by Nisha Van Berkel

jumpsuit. Zhuxuan He
boots. Versace
hat. Monirath
choker. Babylikestopony
dress + cape. Bowie Wong
shoes. Kat Maconie
earrings. Monirath
plinth. Dion Horstmans

bodysuit. Steven Khalil
choker. Babylikestopony
dress. Bowie Wong
earring. Zimmermann
plinth. Dion Horstmans

This Schön! 40 editorial has been produced by

photography. Jess Brohier
creative direction + fashion. Catherine V.
model. Varsha Kumar @ Chadwick Models
hair. Darren Summors
make up. Nisha Van Berkel
fashion assistants. Ewan Bell + Naomi Jimenez

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