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top + skirt. Dion Lee
glasses. George Keburia
rings. Laura Estrada, CHRISHABANA + Sterling King

R&B star Tinashe is taking control of her destiny. As the music industry adapts to the pandemic, she’s using the downtime to create her best work yet.

Tinashe isn’t your conventional star. As an independent artist, she writes her own rules and unapologetically struts to the beat of her own drum. The triple threat has sung and danced her way to digital notoriety with chart hits like 2 On and collaborations with Britney Spears and A$AP Rocky. Her ascent is a more modern representation of what it means to be a star today. She’s the Internet’s R&B darling, a position that holds a lot of power in 2021. When traditional revenue streams like touring and shows are on the decline, artists with loyal online fanbases have a unique advantage.

What makes an artist successful is evolving: radio airtime has become an archaic measure of impact because everyone is consuming music on TikTok and streaming platforms instead. “I’ve had to re-evaluate what I think success is like this year,” Tinashe admits. “My music isn’t on the top of the charts, and for me, finding a way to still be valid as an artist is really important. My art is really, truly important, and I can’t undervalue that based on accolades or chart position or sales. It’s forced me to make better art, create better visuals and be even more at peace with myself.”

dress + corset. GAULTIER Paris
earrings + rings. Sterling King
bodysuit + skirt. Mugler
choker + bracelet. Sterling King
earring + rings. Ninna York

top + skirt. Dion Lee
glasses. George Keburia
rings. Laura Estrada, CHRISHABANA + Sterling King

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photography. Jonny Marlow @ Early Morning Riot
fashion. Katie Qian
talent. Tinashe
hair. Nina J. @ Six K Management
make up. Mylah Morales @ Six K Management
location. Cherry Soda Studios
words. Shama Nasinde

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