Schön! 38 digital cover | miss fame

dress. Gaultier Paris
shoes. Maison Ernest
gloves. Elissa Poppy
bracelet. Amrapali


When we met Miss Fame on RuPaul’s Drag Race, her mission statement was simple: “Leave a beauty mark on the face of the planet.” Five years on, she has done just that.

Miss Fame picks up the phone from her New York apartment. She is practicing self-isolation like much of the world. “I know that this too shall pass and, when we’re through the other end of this, we have to get back to work.” It’s immediately clear that the drag artist and model is absolutely infatuated with the world of beauty and high fashion and exudes earnest passion for her work.

It’s in everything she does: her post-fashion week cleanse, the meticulous detail with which she addresses couture, her ever flawlessly- executed vision. The glamour, the poise and flashing lights were hard-earned, she reminds us. “It wasn’t for granted. I wasn’t discovered. I had to really nurture my talents and get the industry and the world to believe in what I was doing.”

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dress, shoes + headpiece. Mugler
tights. Emilio Cavallini + Yamamay
ear cuffs. Alan Crocetti
ring. Jessica McCormack
jacket + dress. Erdem
tights. Elissa Poppy
shoes. Christian Louboutin
gloves. Clio Peppiat


This digital cover of Schön! 38 has been produced by

photography. Antonio Eugenio
fashion. Gianluca Cococcia
talent. Miss Fame @ Wilhelmina London
hair. Ali Pirzadeh
photography assistant. Ezra Jolly
fashion assistants. Gabriel Annouka, Michael Jasinski + Ylenia Avendano
hair assistant. Linus Johansson
words. Sarah Osei

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