coat. amorphose
jewellery. Susann Bosslau


In this Schön! online editorial, photographer Sabine Liewald introduces us to the beautiful Rostok Sotnikov. Fashion by Sabine Berlipp sees Sotnikov in a range of garments, selected from brands such as Susann Bosslau, amorphose, Julian Zigerli, and After Work Studio. Both Karine Walzack and Emilie Peltier work to enhance Sotnikov’s infectious grace.

feathers. amorphose
skirt. Isabel Vollrath
jewellery. Johanna Gauder
necklace. Julian Zigerli

top. Julian Zigerli
trousers. Dimitrije Gojkovic
shorts. Julian Zigerli
necklace. hana kim x Nina Yuun

dress. After Work Studio
jewellery. Viveka Bergström
top + earrings. Forbidden Denimeries

trousers. Namilia
bag. jacqueline-loekito
jewellery. Viveka Bergström
skirt. Vladimir Karaleev

skirt. Isabel Vollrath
necklace. Julian Zigerli

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photography. Sabine Liewald
fashion. Sabine Berlipp
model. Rostok Sotnikovbananasmodels
hair. Karine Walzack
make up. Emilie Peltier
fashion assistant. Tim Koszian

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