rising land

full look. Victor Von Schwarz

‘Rising Land’ is a film about the relationship between women and nature, the female power expressed through her situation in a free space, just surrounded by the elements. This piece wants to be a feminist ode to all the people who has fight to change things, embracing his peculiarities and making them something beautiful and powerful. ‘Rising land’ is a place where everybody can feel safe and unique, where the old shames become a new source of pride, making the two protagonists two beautiful ways to release our souls.  We are happy to count on the uplifting poem by Maya Angelou ‘Still I rise’ to conduct this visual story.

This Schön! online exclusive was photographed by Angie Couple, with the film directed and edited by David Cuní. Models Philippine Urvois and Anyon Asola wear pieces from Victor Von Schwarz, Lydia Delgado, Bolaño and others styled by Joel Escalonilla. Hair and make up are by Juan Urenha


dress. Lydia Delgado
top. Victor Von Schwarz
hat. Pardo Hats
necklace + trousers. Lydia Delgado

handkerchief + shirt. Bolaño
dress. Luis Pacheco
boots. Noel Barcelona

handkerchief + shirt. Bolaño
trousers. Lydia Delgado

top. Lydia Delgado
skirt. Bibian Blue

full look. Sonia Carrasco

dress. Bolaño

full look. Victor Von Schwarz

trousers. Bolaño
hat. Pardo Hats

dress. Alvaro Mars

This Schön! online exclusive has been produced by

photography. Angie Couple
fashion. Joel Escalonilla
models. Philippine Urvois @ Fifth Models + Anyon Asola @ Trend Models Barcelona
make up + hair. Juan Urenha
video editor + director. David Cuní
production. Isidro De Quesada
photo retouch. Ismael Villar
video colour. Luis Germanó
voiceover. “Still I Rise” by Maya Angelou
photo + video assistant. Isidro De Quesada

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