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Inspired by the customs and culture of rural Switzerland, Zürich-based designer Julian Zigerli returns with “RING MY BELL,” an autumn-winter collection ripe with both traditional spirit and neo-psychedelic elaboration — for which you can watch a video, produced by CZAR Film, above. 

The last time Schön! covered Zigerli he had just shown his spring-summer collection, a border-transcending work streamed live from Tokyo, Japan. For “RING MY BELL,” the designer is bringing his work back home, incorporating Switzerland’s natural beauty into a tripped-out yet distinctly home-grown collection.

Runway by Claude Gasser.

Runway by Claude Gasser.

Runway by Claude Gasser.

“RING MY BELL” is a collaborative project between Zigerli‘s brand and Swiss artist Christoph Hefti, who worked with the designer to make prints of wooden structures and geranium flowers. Accents like these flow dreamily into the winter-hued pieces of “RING MY BELL,” which bear trademarks of the Swiss countryside — from pine cones and flowers to brushes and more.

The collection’s curious title comes from the sound of cowbells, a sound ever-present in Switzerland’s rural areas. Much as the cowbell serves to draw attention to the animal wearing it, Zigerli’s designs are eye-catching and work to keep even a casual viewer captivated. For this collection, natural elements blend with surreal ones, creating patterns and forms that fade in and out of perception.

At the launch of “RING MY BELL,” all designs were showcased at Zürich’s design and lifestyle Hotel Greulich, which supported the event alongside Mode Suisse. Models wore pieces from the collection occasionally accented with evergreen-pine sandals and, naturally, large cowbells.

Discover more about Mode Suisse here and check out Julian Zigerli’s website for more info on the collection.

words. Braden Bjella


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