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The anticipation was high when fans heard frontman Brandon Urie, who is all that remains of noughties punk rock band Panic! At The Disco, would return to London this year. Many were hungry to hear the classics they grew up on so Urie’s bold move to spend most of his O2 arena show playing his latest album Viva las Vengeance left a near full venue of fans catching their breath until the songs that triggered their childhood were played. Despite the setlist, Urie’s vocal range, performance and stage presence were undeniable.

No built sets or props were needed for this theatric show as the LED visuals felt like watching a live play. For a musician who has been performing for over 18 years, talent and range were abundant and Urie’s ability to churn out song after song was quite impressive. Whilst vocally pitch perfect, he seemed to fail to meet the attention of the audience or acknowledge the country he was in until the end of the show when classics such as Girls/Girls/BoysNine in the Afternoon and crowd favourite I Write Sins Not Tragedies played to a wave of screaming fans.

Now don’t misunderstand. Urie delivered on the hits, but to only play them as the last four songs made for a setlist that left more to be desired. In what we would rate a three star show, Urie stayed true to his personal world. The visually stimulating show bid farewell with sparkling confetti, heart shaped lights and High Hopes of Urie’s final goodbye.

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