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Marking the beginning of the UK-leg of his European tour Where We Goin?, Masego‘s London show was not just a concert, it was a symphony of sound and style and a testament to the enduring power of artistic expression in all its forms. Masego is truly a flirt. His virtuosity on the saxophone was equally matched by his magnetic stage presence, drawing the audience into a trance-like state with each soul-stirring note. Against the backdrop of Alexandra Palace’s grandeur, the live Masego experience was elevated to new heights, creating an atmosphere of opulence and sophistication.

Masego’s performance was nothing short of an instrumental-forward spectacle. From the pulsating rhythms of Silver Tongue Devil and Tadow to the soulful crooning of Queen Tings, every second was a testament to his artistry and vision. His band, composed of drums, guitar and the saxophone, treated the crowd to bespoke ensembles of Funk, Jazz and everything in between. Masego, also known under the nickname of Uncle Sego, took listeners on a journey of vocal prowess paying homage to his Jamaican roots, waving a hello to South Africa and making all ears and eyes scream in excitement as he threw red roses into the crowd.

The theme of marijuana was perfectly encapsulated in his performance of the track Veg Out (Wasting Thyme) which was later followed by his drummer drawing a smoke after a heavy drum solo. The crowd could only cheer at the luxurious melodies, unexpected interludes and the standout bold visuals that decorated the screen. In a world where music is abundant but artistry must be searched for, Masego stands at the forefront as a beacon of innovation and inspiration. 

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words. Thandie Sibanda

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