review | lolo zouaï live in paris

Photography / Raia Maria Laura

Bringing her Playgirl tour to her Parisian roots, American singer Lolo Zouaï presented a joy-filled, beat-powered show to La Cigale. The former Schön! 42 cover star received an overwhelming response from a concert hall that was, quite simply, unleashed. The excitement was palpable even before the 28-year-old French-Algerian star came out, and when the stage design came to life with digital video projections, the crowd went wild. Toying with ‘90s aesthetics, Internet culture and cutesy digital avatars, the world of Lolo Zouaï – and that of her loyal fans – opened with visual flair. Fun, interactive style LED installations played with illusions of 3D projections, and a world of Y2K, post-digital references brought a great show to the next level. 

Lolo Zouaï’s vocals worked beautifully, running through her discography from her early hits to the new PLAYGIRL album, bringing vibrant beats and sonic landscapes to La Cigale. The response was beyond – even the artist herself was visibly moved by the acclaim – with screams of adoration, awe and excitement filling the room for the hour and something set. From Desert Rose, a hallmark of her recording history, to a live rendition of Crazy Sexy Dream Girl, Zouaï’s vocals lifted the roof with a precision and confidence that signals how far this career is set to go.

After the final few dates in France, the tour continues for its US leg. Discover the dates here.

words. patrick clark
photography. raia maria laura and danica robinson

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