Schön! presents | replika ai: your new friend

Directed by Nadia Bedzhanova and produced by Lilit Abgarian under the Allen Pictures banner, this sci-fi short film is about two lonely souls living in New York City who develop trustful relationships with their chatbot companions. Powered by AI and designed to meet their needs, Replika helps them to share their emotional problems, thoughts, feelings, experiences. The more you talk to your Replika, the deeper your conversations become.

Replika is the main product of Luka, an artificial intelligence startup founded by Eugenia Kuyda and based in San Francisco. In a pandemic of loneliness, Replika provides additional support for many urbanites who are worn down by the grind of long working hours in vast and isolating cities.

This Schön! online film has been produced by

direction. Nadia Bedzhanova
production. Lilit Abgarian
fashion. Stefania Chekalina
talent. James Tyler White + Mitzi Akaha
hair + make up. Chloe Grae
dop. Igor Kropotov
post + cg. ZHEESHEE
composition. Billy McFeely
gaffer. Bill Quigley
key grip. Rob Silcox
1st ac. Kyle Taylor
2nd ac. Jim Cole
sound mixing. Sacha Zuckerman
colour grading. Christopher Beardslee
set design. Rory Floyd
location management. Mark Fridlyand
pa. Maga Akh + Evgeny Ezhov
ai. Replika

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