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watch. Rado Captain Cook x Marina Hoermanseder

As the world around us continues to change at a rapid pace, we find ourselves craving timelessness. Instability calls for a return to normalcy — and an appreciation for classic pieces and ideas that have withstood the test of time. The wristwatch perfectly represents this: a fashion staple formed and reformed by generations of designers, with each one adding a new element to the history of its design. Today, Swiss watchmaker Rado collaborates with Marina Hoermanseder to reinvent the classic wristwatch once again, creating a bold statement timepiece that is available now

Rado is known as the Master of Materials and has always been a pioneer and leader, setting the standard and raising the bar. For this new collaboration, Rado brought its signature Captain Cook design to Berlin-based womenswear label Marina Hoermanseder, a label known for its creative, colourful feminine looks and artisanal designs. Marina Hoermanseder added its trademark elegance and artisan authenticity to the iconic Rado Captain Cook, creating a stunning 37mm timepiece that celebrates women and femininity in its myriad forms.

The timepiece is offered in three varieties: pink, black and a second extra-long pink version meant to be wrapped around the wrist twice, with each design featuring Marina Hoermanseder’s trademark buckle. To learn more about the exciting new collaboration between Rado and Marina Hoermanseder, Schön! sat down with Hoermanseder for a discussion about the design, its inspirations and what the label has in mind for the future.

How do you choose the resources and materials for the bold and unique Marina Hoermanseder designs?  

I try to keep the balance between planning ahead and making intuitive decisions. Besides visiting fashion and textile fairs to find fabrics for the new collection, we of course have some long-term co-operations with manufacturers we love. The actual process of finding materials for me starts even earlier with being mindful about inspiration in everyday life, such as thinking about upcoming collaborations or having a detailed piece in mind that I want to design. I make sure to look out for unique and qualitative materials. Sometimes, it is love at first sight. I see a fabric and automatically know: this is the one!  

Who is the first person you consult with about a new design or collection idea?  

That actually depends which idea it is. Sometimes I immediately talk to my team to discuss further steps. Exchanging ideas with people working in the same field as I do helps me to visualise and manifest my ideas and to make room for new inspiring thoughts. Of course I share ideas with my boyfriend and soulmate Paul, too, and value his opinion!  


watches. Rado Captain Cook x Marina Hoermanseder

How would you describe your personal style? Has it evolved over the years as you developed your brand?  

I love contrasts! I would describe my personal style as feminine, strong and playful. Although I have some favourite go-to pieces, of course my style evolves with the development of the brand and the new collection items that I like to wear, such as at events. Not only for events but also in my personal life, I like to take the time to dress up, especially since becoming a mother as ‘me-time’ is valuable. When it comes to accessories, I put an emphasis on combining statement pieces like the new Rado Captain Cook x Marina Hoermanseder with personal items, like a necklace my mother gifted me.  

You are very fond of buckles, incorporating them in the brand’s strapskirts, dresses, shoes and now, the exciting Rado Captain Cook x Marina Hoermanseder collaboration. How important is it for you to include this signature element in future collaborations and collection pieces?  

What makes a collaboration so interesting and unique is that both of the parties add their trademarks to the product to create a recognisable look. As the buckle is my signature element, it is important to me to include this in both the future collaborations and my collections. The Rado Captain Cook x Marina Hoermanseder that I recently designed demonstrates how versatile and applicable the buckle element is. Besides this, the watch stands out through its feminine look created by using rose gold, which is the colour I always use for our metals. Although the buckle is my go-to trademark, the ‘Marina Hoermanseder’ brand is known for its unique pieces in vase optics. 

Has your upbringing (or the environment/location of your childhood) influenced your style and brand?  

For sure! I am truly grateful to have supporting and loving parents and was very lucky they let me try out different career paths. For example, I was very enthusiastic about acting first, but later went to study economics. Coming from an economic background yet feeling this urgent desire to create, I later decided to study fashion design and to build my brand ‘Marina Hoermanseder’. In these times of change, my parents always had my back and empowered me to make my own powerful decisions. This formed me to be very open-minded and curious about trying out different techniques in my designs, which led me to exciting collaborations and opportunities so far.  

watches. Rado Captain Cook x Marina Hoermanseder

The new Rado Captain Cook x Marina Hoermanseder is the perfect cooperation between the Swiss watch brand and the label’s aesthetic with the buckles and rose gold. What is an MH collection piece you would pair with this stunning watch?  

What’s awesome about the Rado Captain Cook x Marina Hoermanseder is that you can either wear it as a statement piece to upgrade a more casual look, or to complete an all over feminine look. I personally would wear the watch with the Pastel Rainbow Strapskirt, or combine it with Buckle Jeans in black and a Team Shirt in white. 

How has the pandemic changed the way you approach your designs or the creative process? 

That depends on the kind of project my team and I are working on. For example, working on an advanced collaboration is a lot about organisational arrangements, which is luckily manageable almost completely from my home office. What the pandemic changed for sure is the way me and probably many other designers gain inspiration. Usually going out, travelling, visiting museums and events, having real life conversations with individuals is something that can create a spark, which can lead to a fundamental idea for a completely new collection. I’m very fortunate that I’m surrounded by so many inspiring people and my life as a new mum also gives me inspiration, energy and makes me focus on the important things.  

What’s next for Marina Hoermanseder?  

We are currently working on many interesting projects! What I can reveal so far is that we are working on a sub-brand, which we plan to launch this year. Besides this, there are upcoming collaborations that I am very excited to tell you about soon! 

watch. Rado Captain Cook x Marina Hoermanseder

The Rado Captain Cook x Marina Hoermanseder (£2,415) is available now.

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