purpose lost

Photography by Anastasia Muna

Purpose Lost explores the relationship between objects and their functions, and through these images photographer Anastasia Muna sets out to explore the boundaries between success and failure. The fine art series uses delicate black and white shots to portray what consequences failure has for objects after their specifically designed purpose has deteriorated. Upside down clocks, full ashtrays that are now broken through the middle, cracked light bulbs and a lock that simply does not lock, are a few of the images on show. With Muna’s philosophy background in mind, one cannot help but find a deeper meaning in the pieces that have failed to fulfil their function, now rendering them worthless. Purpose Lost aims to question the absoluteness of failure and how fluid this term is.

Photography by Anastasia Muna

Muna graduated in photography from the University of Cape Town and has since exhibited in London, New York and Cape Town, she now works in Berlin as a freelance photographer.

Photography by Anastasia Muna

To view more of her work please visit: anastasiamuna.com

Words / Caroline Schmitt
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