necklace + ring. Anna Auras
earrings. Too Dreamy

By wearing jewelry on our skin, we declare it an ex- tension of our own nature. When we remove it from this very context, jewelry develops a life of its own. Polished and sparkling, hand-finished to the finest detail, it stands out alongside the fleeting transience of nature and everyday objects that are in constant, reciprocal flux. But what initially stands out, eventually blends in. Smoothly polished, shiny surfaces amalgamate with the patina of nature. And thus place an extended discourse of nature in the space, which exists quite independently of human skin.

This Schön! online editorial was photographed by Caroline Fayette. Sascha Abel designed the set and adorned it with styles from Anna Auras, Too Dreamy, Saskia Diez and others. This editorial was produced by Blender Studio Berlin

necklace. Too Dreamy
bracelet. Saskia Diez

necklace + ring. Nathan Thomas
earrings. Nathan Thomas

ring. Anna Auras
ring. Nathan Thomas

This Schön! online exclusive has been produced by

photography. Caroline Fayette
set design + fashion. Sascha Abel
production. Blender Studio Berlin

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