power of desire | ferrari style ss24

The words “power” and “boundless” are synonymous when you hear the word Ferrari. Driven and dynamic, Ferrari encapsulates the idea of desire being a “timeless” feeling that ripples through everything they create. It’s something woven through the brand’s latest collection — one that marks their fifth — where each garment bridges the world of fashion and racing together through craftsmanship and passion.

Serving as an ode to the Power of Desire that lives within every one of us, the collection shows racing, workwear, and tailoring come together through experimental denim and technical wool. Spearheaded by Creative Director Rocco Iannone, the collection “de-saturates to emphasise, reduces to accentuate, and then reiterates to identify.” Every piece is crafted to perfection — silhouettes dance between short and long, curved and straight. Garments showcase different aspects of the body — sometimes perfectly sculpted to the skin or larger-than-life proportions. 

With nude tones, bold red hues, and transparent sheer frocks, Ferrari’s latest collection truly does bring together racing, workwear, and tailoring — finding the perfect synergy in the art of fashion with the art of luxury sports attire.

Take a closer look at Ferrari’s SS24 collection now.

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