Courtesy of Nevin Aladag, Wentrup Gallery and Rampa Istanbul

Courtesy of Nevin Aladag, Wentrup Gallery and Rampa Istanbul

Works from 17 internationally curated artists will be showcased at the Istanbul Modern Museumfeaturing installations that celebrate 10 years of modern art in Turkey and seek to identify globalisation and its impact on Istanbul, through video clips, art and sculpture.

Amongst the artists featured in the exhibition, Nevin Aladağ presents an installation with traditional Turkish instruments, heavily influenced by the region of Sharjah in the Arab Emirates. Aladağ, who recently featured her solo exhibition at the Rampa Gallery, Istanbul, will host an installation featuring video clips spread across three separate screens.

Courtesy of Servet Kocyigit and Rampa Istanbul

Courtesy of Servet Kocyigit and Rampa Istanbul

Offering an insight into political and religious ideologies with her series “BirŞiir içins”, is Erinç Seymen, who through a series of stressful videos, plays with distorted images and audio effects, by depicting  someone in a cage with repeated and disturbing references to self-circumcision, to show the existence of life outside of the media world and how scary it can be when experienced by young naive adults. 

Burhan Doğançay Symphony in Blue, 1987

Burhan Doğançay Symphony in Blue, 1987,
Yıldız Holding A.Ş. Collection

Exploring the intersections between music and the visual arts in Turkey is Repertoire”, an initiative that examines Turkey’s sociocultural history from the late Ottoman era to the 1980s, as well as past collaborations between actors in the two fields.

Plurivocality is a collection of art pieces so captivating to every sense, that you’ll find yourself walking to the metronome’s set rhythm.

Plurivocality runs from June 27 to November 27 2014 at the Istanbul Modern Museum

Words / Capucine Fachot-Charbonneau 

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