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JENDAYA is shining a spotlight on the growing power of African and African diaspora luxury. This week, the site is launching its high-end platform for an invite-only audience on 13th December, allowing select shoppers to pick up fine goods from Africa and beyond.

From apparel to beauty and from home decor to accessories, African and African diaspora goods found on the Jendaya site blend seamlessly with familiar luxury staples like Balenciaga and Lanvin. 

“Jendaya is a luxury, people-powered e-commerce marketplace. We sell luxury fashion online from across the globe, and ship it globally to Africa, Asia, UK, US and Europe,” explains Ayotunde Rufai, chief executive officer of Jendaya. “We use the power of community and culture to set a new diverse standard for luxury fashion. Leveraging our global network of tastemakers, we source diverse designers, curate them online through a seamless content-commerce experience, and we are the first platform to prioritise the African shopper and thus open up new markets for luxury designers.”

skincare. EPARA

full look. ALLËDJO
bracelet. ALYX STUDIO

bag. AAKS
full look. ABIGAIL AJOBI

The site has already attracted considerable attention and investment for its mission. This should come as no surprise; fashion forecasters are slowly realising the untapped potential of the African and African diaspora markets, and with its curated style and luxury products, Jendaya is a perfect introduction for newcomers and an ideal shopping site for long-time lovers of African fashion. The site also contains an editorial section where viewers can see its brands in action.

“We are looking forward to putting a permanent spotlight on the unique craftsmanship of African fashion whilst empowering local African artisans and manufactures, as well as contributing to the sustainable growth and economic development of emerging brands and highlighting Africa, not only as a powerhouse for raw materials, but as an exporter of high quality fashion,” adds Rufai.

For the site’s launch, Jendaya is teaming up with Parisian creative agency Bel-Ami to craft a bespoke campaign to display the brand’s values and vision. The campaign is titled Jendaya, The Home of New Fashion and will start in Nigeria from December 13th. From there, it will hit the streets of Paris, New York and London during 2022’s fashion weeks.

“Shoppers can expect a lively infusion of seasoned luxury clothing and accessories from Africa alongside the most renowned global fashion houses to perk up their global citizen wardrobe,” they say of the experience. “In addition, we will have personal shoppers on hand to ensure customers have a special online shopping experience along with the ability to pay in cryptocurrency.”



full look. PABLO ERROZ

the JENDAYA team.

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