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Italian luxury outerwear brand Colmar has created its third instalment of Colmar A.G.E. (Advanced Garment Exploration), an unapologetically modern label focussed on experimentation and innovation. For its third collection under the name, Colmar has brought onboard Iranian designer Morteza Vaseghi as Creative Director. Vaseghi is previously known for his publishing projects like Recens Paper and Wallet. Now, Vaseghi brings his intensely creative spirit to this forward-looking AW21 collection, crafting a vision of the mankind’s future and its relationship with nature. Schön! speaks with Vaseghi about his work and the collection.

This is the third year of A.G.E. What did you learn from looking at the previous years’ collections, and how did you implement that learning into your collection?

What I learned from looking at the previous collection was mostly about how much Colmar A.G.E. is willing to challenge the status quo. With my collection, I aimed for the same mission while keeping it also relative to the context of now.

What excited you most about working with Colmar on this new collection?

To witness the transition of ideas into the physical realm. I get excited about that every single time.

This is your first major collection focussed on fashion. What were some of the challenges of translating your work to this medium, and how did you overcome them?

Although this was the first major collection, I’m no foreigner to this field and industry. There were some minor challenges, but the fantastic team that I got to work with at Colmar was an amazing help to overcome them.

While you had considerable creative freedom, what about Colmar‘s already extant work was important for you to keep in your designs?

The rich archive and the history of this legendary brand and the clothing they have created through the years were very inspiring; adaptability and moving forward play a significant role here.

This collection emphasises the importance of the connection between humans and nature. Why was that important for you to highlight?

That’s the only way for a better future.

What’s been inspiring you recently?

Jodorowsky’s Dune documentary.

What else do you have upcoming?

Another collection.

full looks. Colmar A.G.E.

full looks. Colmar A.G.E.

full looks. Colmar A.G.E.

full looks. Colmar A.G.E.

full looks. Colmar A.G.E.

full looks. Colmar A.G.E.

This collection is available now. Explore the full collection on Colmar’s website.
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