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If you were to picture paradise, the image that would come to mind is the Marbella Club Hotel. Nestled on the southern Spanish Costa del Sol, the Marbella Club Hotel, a Leading Hotel of the World, boasts luxury and relaxation that is equal parts magical and soothing. Since 1954, the hotel has been a hideaway of sorts to guests longing for a true escape; a place to both experience mindfulness while also shutting off. 

Whitewashed bungalows lead you to the picturesque ocean and if you peek inside one will find an array of bespoke designs and styles. In particular, El Patio showcases retro-Cali-inspired décor created by Spanish design studio, EMCI. Rather than feeling like a stereotypical beach-style holiday, the year-round hotel consists of an area of villas, apartments, and suites that sit alongside spectacular sub-tropical gardens that make you feel like it is your home away from home. 

Families from all generations could be seen taking advantage of all of what Marbella Club Hotel has to offer — which is essentially everything one could ever need at your fingertips. From yoga and a fitness center to an equestrian facility and a gold resort, Marbella Club Hotel has something for everyone. Differing from other luxury hotels, Marbella Club Hotel feels both luxurious and understated at the same time. For them, the magic is in the details. 

Wellbeing is more than a buzzword to this team — it’s the heart of what they do, woven through every decision made at the hotel. Finding inspiration from the Mediterranean Sea, as part of their ethos Marbella Club Hotel prides itself on four elements: Nutrition, Fitness, Spa and Well-being. For guests to find their inner peace and, in turn, discover the best version of themselves, the hotel’s team has crafted treatments and spa amenities from Holistic therapies and treatments, as found at the Holistic Studio and the Thalasso Spa. But well-being doesn’t just stop at the mind and body — during the stay, one can indulge in an interactive cookery class to learn more about the rich and delicious delicacies that define clean eating. 

Like the aforementioned El Patio, the restaurants found and frequented across the hotel are all centered on different food tastes — from steak to fish grills to keto offerings. Breakfast can be devoured on the terrace in the sun and lunch and dinner can be enjoyed at one of the two poolside restaurants with a Mexican-infused Beach Club for sushi and shellfish or the Beach Club which is a true hidden gem. Spaces like Rudi’s Bar is an intimately lit space that invites guests to tapas taste and dance the night away with live music or, if you’re a true winehead, you can partake in a wine tasting with head sommelier Angel Gonzalez Garrido at La Bodega.

What truly makes Marbella Club Hotel truly unique is the personal and intimate connection between everyone who walks its grounds. It’s a place for extended families to reunite, faraway friends to frolic together, and couples to experience new memories together. For families in particular, the hotel’s Kids’ Club is described as one of the best in Europe — a place where kids can explore their own mini wonderland full of new experiences, from gardening to science experiences to dance classes. 

With so many offerings, it would be impossible to truly do everything on one trip to Marbella Club Hotel. But it’s why first-time guests turn into returning Marbella Club Hotel lovers — the beauty of everything being at your reach without even stepping off the hotel property. The hotel’s founder, Prince Alfonso Hohenlohe, said it best: “Elegant simplicity. It is the Marbella Club philosophy, it is our way of life.” 

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