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Ludovic Winterstan 2

A dramatic musical interlude complimented a darkened sanctuary of spidery silhouettes adorned with raven fur and leather, for a Burton-esque fable of laminated wool gowns at Ludovic Winterstan. A cinematic voyage down the black hole of Winterstan’s shadowy imagination, carcass-like head pieces sat on top models’ braided manes, their faces painted and attached with silver chain, like grim warriors, to reflect Winterstan’s Vanitas of capacious forms. Photographer Jarka Snajberk captures the moments on camera, with a close look at first looks.

Ludovic Winterstan 1 IMG_1441-Ludovic-Winterstan-photo-Jarka-Snajberk Ludovic Winterstan 3 IMG_1965-Ludovic-Winterstan-photo-Jarka-Snajberk Ludovic Winterstan 4 IMG_1960-Ludovic-Winterstan-photo-Jarka-Snajberk Ludovic Winterstan 5 IMG_2073-Ludovic-Winterstan-photo-Jarka-Snajberk IMG_2002-Ludovic-Winterstan-photo-Jarka-Snajberk

Photography / Jarka Snajberk


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