top. Sone Couture
skirt. Sara Takahashi
gloves. Sone Couture
accessories. Sone Couture

Kingyo means goldfish — a symbol of good luck and fortune in Japanese culture. Some ancient tales believe goldfish have the power to be wish granters, so make your dreams come true in this Schön! editorial shot by Takuya with fashion by Shogo. Model Hikaru wears looks from Sone Couture, Daikiohata, Sara Takahashi and others. Make up and hair by artist Yooh.

coat. Sara Takahashi
dress. Sone Couture
boots. Sone Couture
accessories. Sone Couture
belt. Mao Ichikawa

top. Tender Person
skirt. Sone Couture
globe. Mao Ichikawa
boots. Sone Couture
corset. Daikiohata
top. Sone Couture
earrings. Sone Couture

dress. mao ichikawa
boots. sone couture

This Schön! online exclusive has been produced by

photography + videography. Takuya
fashion. Shogo
model. Hikaru
make up + hair. Yooh

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