far east

jacket, skirt + hat. Vintage
shoes. Robert Clergerie


Hideyuki Hayashi invites us to run away in this Schön! online editorial and video combo, with videography by One Stop Studio Tokyo‘s Takumi Kishi. Stylist Ami Sasahara dresses model Melissa in eclectic fashion as she makes her way through the field. Hair by Eiji Sato and make up by Megumi Ikenoue provide the ultimate timeless feel.


jacket + socks. Vintage
shirt. Donnah Mabel
trousers. Bershka

jacket. Vintage
leotard. Donnah Mabel

top. Tender Person
armcover + dress. Donnah Mabel

jacket, skirt + hat. Vintage
hat + suspender. Vintage
top. Tender Person
trousers. Donnah Mabel

jacket, skirt + hat. Vintage

top. Tender Person
corset. Vintage
shoes. Forever21

This Schön! online exclusive has been produced by

photography + video direction. Hideyuki Hayashi
fashion. Ami Sasahara
model. Melissa @ Unknown Models
hair. Eiji Sato
make up. Megumi Ikenoue
videography. Takumi Kishi @ One Stop Studio Tokyo


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