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Julien Fournie 2

Whether Julien Fournié reinterprets or reinvents, he always seems to be at the forefront of couture — the Parisian designer knows where to tuck, and where to pleat, he knows how to invent unorthodox patterns and of course — drama; Fournié thrives off of drama. His celestial parade of masculine and feminine forms showed exceptionally tailored, reworked tuxes with tails, alongside tricolour gossamer gowns with flouncy sleeves and tied necks that were imbued with sequinned swirls. Take a peek behind-the-scenes with photographer Jarka Snajberk

IMG_0161-Julien-Fournie-photo-Jarka-Snajberk IMG_0459-Julien-Fournie-photo-Jarka-Snajberk IMG_0183-Julien-Fournie-photo-Jarka-Snajberk IMG_9765-Julien-Fournie-photo-Jarka-Snajberk Julien Fournie 1 IMG_1098-Julien-Fournie-photo-Jarka-SnajberkIMG_1139-Julien-Fournie-photo-Jarka-Snajberk IMG_1163-Julien-Fournie-photo-Jarka-SnajberkIMG_1176-Julien-Fournie-photo-Jarka-Snajberk

Photography / Jarka Snajberk


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