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This July, a new wave of talent will make its way to Trieste to participate in the annual International Talent Support (ITS). Taking place on July 11 and 12, this year, ITS will showcase more than 800 projects from over 80 different countries.

This year’s finalists are the perfect embodiment of ITS’ inclusive and investigative ethos. With narratives ranging from gender fluidity to sustainability, for any fashion aficionado, ITS 2019 is an event that should not go amiss.

Finalist BINGQING YI’s work

Finalist YUKIKA SAITO’s work
Finalist ASUMI MAEDA’s work

“A closer look at the projects highlights common traits among young creatives spread all over the planet. They truly believe in a world with no borders, fluid and inclusive, distancing itself more and more from judgements and preconceived opinions,” Barbara Franchin, ITS’ founder and director said in a statement. “Male and female declinations are totally forgotten, human beings are now gender fluid. This is a vision that indeed surprises, considering the official version of a society that wants us divided, intolerant, elitist and non-inclusive. This doesn’t mean that the new ITS generation has no identity, on the contrary: identity awareness opens to diversity as an enriching factor and mix & match stands as the perfect metaphor for infinite possibilities, giving equal importance to all elements. Sustainability is the starting point for most of the creative declinations we’ve seen.”

Finalist SKYE GWILLIM’s work
Finalist XIAOTU TANG’s work

Finalist HANA YAGI’s work

Finalist JIMIN KIM’s work
Finalist SHIE LYU’s work

With representation from Australia, Belgium, China, Estonia, Finland, Germany, Israel, Japan, Peru, South Korea, Switzerland, United Kingdom, United States, Taiwan and Thailand — ahead of the affair, meet the finalists putting their creativity in the global map on ITS and get a glimpse of what’s ahead in the video below. 


The seventeenth edition of ITS will take place in Trieste this July. Discover more about the event here.

words. Sara Delgado


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