backstage at paris women’s | issey miyake

Issey Miyake 1Ei Wada & Haruka Yoshida narrated Issey Miyake with a live DJ set, where they converted light into sound, to match energetic cylinder volumes for a phantasmagoric show rich in cut, colour, and illusion. The abstract postmodern metier was a revelatory breath of fresh air: three-dimensional fabrics with helical markings unravelled like strands of origami DNA onto asymmetrical dresses and cylindrical tops. Photographer Alice Jacquemin captures looks and details before the runway.

Backstage-Issey-Miyake-FW16_011 Backstage-Issey-Miyake-FW16_015 Backstage-Issey-Miyake-FW16_012 Backstage-Issey-Miyake-FW16_018 Issey Miyake 2 Backstage-Issey-Miyake-FW16_024 Backstage-Issey-Miyake-FW16_027 Backstage-Issey-Miyake-FW16_028 Backstage-Issey-Miyake-FW16_029 Issey Miyake 3 Backstage-Issey-Miyake-FW16_033 Backstage-Issey-Miyake-FW16_034 Backstage-Issey-Miyake-FW16_046 Backstage-Issey-Miyake-FW16_050 Backstage-Issey-Miyake-FW16_052 Backstage-Issey-Miyake-FW16_063 Backstage-Issey-Miyake-FW16_064

Photography / Alice Jacquemin


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