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British DJ and producer TSHA is an exciting emblem of the best of British music. When she sits down with Schön!, she has just finished an eclectic set at Electronic Beats festival in Prague. “It was a lot [of a] younger crowd than I’m used to but in a good way. It’s nice to see some people broadening their horizons with music, dancing, and there were less phones out which was nice,” she begins. TSHA kept the energy at a high from sunset till evening, perched above a lively crowd that overlooked the Czech capital. Her set was a refreshing blend of the UK genres she grew up cherishing. “My brother was a DJ so I heard him practicing a lot. There was a lot of Chicago House, Jungle, Garage. I’m very influenced by 90s sounds but I also love a bit of Disco,” she shares. 

For TSHA, music is a family affair. The talented artist grew up to a soundtrack of House music that would shape her sound and ignite a taste for club culture before she was even able to experience it for herself. “I was always crazy about House music since I was a kid because my mum was also very much into dance music and rave culture,” she says. “I was already in love with it before I’d even been to a club so when I started DJing I wanted to play the music that I dreamed about when I was a kid. I wanted to be the vibes that I felt like I missed out on.” 

Before TSHA turned to DJing 10 years ago, after dropping out of university, she lived in a small town close to Portsmouth on England’s southern coast. “I’m [from] a working class, single parent household so we didn’t have a lot of money and we didn’t have access to a lot of creative things. Usually, creative things cost money but my brother had his records that he played. You couldn’t afford CDs and stuff back then so I had like two CDs which were like Destiny’s Child,” she laughs. At home, TSHA grew an interest in escapism through rhythm. “This idea of being in this situation where you kind of lose yourself and you can just be free always really appealed to me,” she says. 


Moving to London expanded her musical horizons, being the first place she explored Techno music. TSHA also commends the city’s diversity, creativity and openness. “I was from a white town. Going to London allowed me to be myself and relax a lot more which opens you up to be creative because you’re not in a tense environment. London was a complete change for me and that’s why I love it so much because it’s so diverse. Everyone is open to listening to all sorts of things which was great.” 

TSHA continues to push herself musically, describing one of her recent live shows where she played bass guitar for the first time as a proud moment. “I didn’t know how to play bass. I just learned to play it live and played it in front of people which was cool. It’s scary but I did it.” With a curious ear and undeniable passion, there is no limit to TSHA’s trajectory. 

photography. Ivan Kassa for Telekom Electronic Beats
talent. TSHA 
words. Shama Nasinde 

Special thanks to Telekom Electronic Beats.

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