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Music weaves together all senses — the sounds we hear, the visuals we can imagine, and the aesthetics that intertwine to the tune of a good beat. It’s something that the virtual model EYEDIGO resonates with and understands the importance of. The music played throughout our headphones and speakers, paired with the clothing we drape ourselves in, tells our stories without us even having to open our mouths. 

As EYEDIGO navigates the world, music is their soundtrack and their clothes act as their own character. The cap they adorn — pulled from the Telekom Electronic Beats collection — signifies everything EYEDIGO stands for: a visual representation of their artistic choices and aesthetic style.

Schön! Magazine chats with EYEDIGO about their music and style influences, their cap, and more.

EYEDIGO, where were you born and what impact did it make on your style? 

The beginnings influence the beings. Right? I am who I am because I come from where I come. Thinking of identity… it is so common to glue it to the origins. You humans! I come from the interactive connectivity space, yet residence between the Web and where you hang. Having the choice and chance of mediums gives so much inspo for the style, expression, aesthetics and representation. I pick the realms of real and digital and blend it together. For example, my fit today solely serves this: Telekom Electronic Beats merch drop cap combined with lit digital fashion. Wow or nooo? 

As a virtual model, who is progressively involved in music, could you share your latest and the most notable music picks? Is there anything particular it communicates? 

Let me make it easier for you. Put on this playlist that spins it all: moody, groovy, energy splash yet accommodates your weekend cravings. I really enjoy the latest releases of VTSS. Bangers. Grimes stays Grimes and it’s fire. Regardlessly. I love what Shygirl puts out nowadays. It all projects the sense of feeling. Feeling anything. Yes, avatars also feel.

top + bottom. V1s4g3s
shoes. Bergdorfverse

What is your favourite trend right now? 

As before, but also now I am really into extended reality aesthetics. For humans – futuristic, for me – nowness. The comeback of headphones instead of any pods is fire too. As a DJ, the only way to really feel the bass is to get your headphones and shut the world around. 

How does the hype in fashion interlink with a virtual culture? Does it influence the way we connect with certain communities, in your opinion? 

Hype is driven by the community that forms it via becoming viral. Indeed, nowadays it is brutally connected with virtual culture. Can’t stop, won’t stop. So as a concept, movement or even a part of a lifestyle, hype clicks with the virtual culture approach and makes hyper-boost even more accessible, faster and booming. Flip your thoughts archive: hype was always here. Bigger, smaller scale. It has existed since and became a part of lifestyle. Having easier access to international scope and communities, spreads the hype in a nanosecond. Immersively, we receive the hype impact on how we connect, communicate and identify the community bounce. It is what we partly seek by being and acting on the Web. 

If you get one item that you’d combine for any weekend hang out, what would it be? 

Check out my cap. Must have for the next season.

For more information on Electronic Beats visit their website and Instagram
For more information EYEDIGO visit their Instagram.

model. EYEDIGOMUSE for Telekom Electronic Beats 
hair styling. Leahlillith
production + styling. web3allstars.com
digital styling assistant. Samanta Chua

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