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The story of Tre Hale is one of inspiration and passion — beginning with a strong vision, a journey full of challenges and empowering teachings. A remarkable individual with extraordinary achievements and determination that have left a mark in his field, Hale achieved his professional success through shows like Shameless and Lethal Weapon and in other industries, like modelling and sports. But it’s in his new show Platonic where he truly proves he is one to watch.

Platonic unfolds as a poignant exploration of complex emotions and the fragile nature of connections. The series skillfully weaves together a tapestry of intricate relationships, capturing the essence of love, friendship, and the delicate balance between them. Tre Hale graces the screen with their undeniable presence, portraying a character who navigates the depths of human emotions, drawing viewers into a captivating journey. Schön! chats with Hale to discuss his beginnings, the show, and more.

What is the path you have followed in your acting career? What is the source of that power that pushes you forward?

Of course, my path was very interesting. I played football for a while, I had no idea that I wanted to be an actor. I had some ideas, but football took up a big part of my life. I took acting classes at university which I enjoyed, but, again, I had no idea how to be an actor. The idea seemed like a pipe dream or something ridiculous. I was lucky to work in a talent agency, I worked there for two years and I learned the business. When I left I felt like I was able to chart my path better than most young actors — I was lucky that I had such unique knowledge working in an agency. I was only surrounded by the right team, the right agency, and the opportunities that I thought were necessary.

I followed the right trajectory, everything I did in my career was like a stepping stone, one role to a bigger role, every time bigger than the next one. The motivating force was my family, I was really lucky to be with them. When I was playing football, there was a certain feeling — you go out, you prepare and you prepare for the battle to win the game, it’s similar to acting. You prepare for a project, for a stage, for a show, you do the work. On the day of a game you go out and you shoot it and you get ambitious at the same time. For me at least, it’s a very similar feeling to playing football.

Do you plan to continue in the same fields and genres in the future or are there things you would like to change?

Yeah, I was very fortunate to get into the comedy space but Platonic was my first series comedy undertaking. I’d love to continue to do comedy but I’d also love to change that up as well. I’m seeing myself as a bad guy, it would be cool to play a mean and nasty kinda dude. I am open to all.

Have you received training in this field? 

Not traditionally no but I was doing a theatre minor at UCLA. I ended up taking a couple of classes and it inspired me and changed my whole life. 

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Let’s chat about your latest project, Platonic. What was it like filming that? 

It’s a dream come true. It’s quite sad to see this coming to an end — the first season felt like it passed so fast. I think it’s so cool to be a part of a comedy like Platonic about a platonic male and his friend who are just friends and it’s something that does not happen much but it’s an interesting topic. People that were there, also, are the ones I idolized. To be able to work with them, to create with them, and have them give me the opportunity, was just a dream come true. 

What exactly does Platonic want to tell us?

Well, first our big message is just guys and girls can be friends and if you don’t agree we think that you are weird. I think that’s the thing. The cool thing about that is that it’s just a funny show. There are so many projects out now that are dark and make you cry, which can be beautiful but I think there is space for just the old-fashioned funny times. You just watch the show and don’t think too much. You don’t have to get into feelings, you just laugh and you can continue to laugh. When you watch our show you’re going to smile, that’s for sure. If you are having a shitty day, turn up Platonic and laugh, that’s what is beautiful about it and I’m honoured to be a part of it. 

Are there similarities between you and the character you play? 

A lot of my friends watched the show and hit me up like “Oh my god This is you!” Fun to play, I just got to be myself, a normal funny guy who makes jokes.

What do you think is interesting about Platonic?

That a man and a woman casually become friends. I also think working on a show like Platonic when you have a lot of opportunities to improve and make up jokes. There were times when we would play jokes on the surrounding cast, yet we would make sure that the characters of Seth and Rose didn’t fall in love with each other. It would make sense in the same way that our jokes would match the story and make a “romantic” connection. Not only to make it a point men and women could be friends, but we also make it a point to not have any moments around the ‘will they or won’t they?’ trope. People assume that by episode 8 they’ll have sex, but we don’t do that once. It’s strict. It’s our title, it’s Platonic. 

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What is your rehearsal processes? 

I like listening to music. I hear from other actors that they listen to music as well. I don’t necessarily rehearse like some actors do quite a lot. Every project is different, some things require more than one another so, a lot of time you just go in, and you like what we are doing here and it just starts.

From a sectoral point of view, how do you see the future of acting? 

You never know. I hope it will be good for all of us as actors, directors, and writers. I hope everyone gets paid properly moving forward the right way but I can hope for more opportunities. For me, I’m a big guy — I have very visible tattoos, I am a bit of a tough guy. In auditions, I used to hear some negative comments, but now it’s changed. I had to struggle with that, I was always getting certain roles, criminals and stuff, but I had fun playing them. It was nice to play different characters, like Andy in Platonic, a normal guy who runs a bar in the city centre and a role where I could still show my tattoos. 

Can you tell us about your personal life outside of acting? What do you like to do? How do you spend your time? 

4 weeks left in my free time! My lady and I are expecting our first child. We are very excited and that is my everything now. My entire world, I changed once I knew that she was coming. Other than that, I’d like to draw, listen to music, write, and do all kinds of these things that keep us sane in this crazy world. 

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Are there any upcoming projects for the future? 

Right now I am working on a show named All American. It’s a lot of fun. I’m playing a college football player which is close to home for me. I had to do all my stuff. It’s been a lot of fun. You guys should check it out.

It sounds like the memories from UCLA maybe right? 

Literally. It’s very easy to have that role for me.

If you compare your other works, which one do you enjoy the most? Why is that?

I’m blessed to work on anything, I’m lucky I can earn money by pretending. If I had to pick one it would be Platonic for all the reasons we talked about. I watch the show and I think what we made is so fun and cool. Platonic will forever hold that special line for me.

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Platonic is streaming now on Apple TV.

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