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Paula Cendejas is a name you should get familiar with. The Spanish singer is a modern Pop Princess whose catchy hooks and crystal vocals make every track in her discography replay worthy.  The best part of Cendejas’ sound is the variety. From the mellow vibes and sentimental lyricism of x ti  to the upbeat reggateon rhythm of her latest track Dolía, Cendejas flows effortlessly between genres. As her expansive talent takes her across the world, Cendejas chats to Schön! about her love for Riri, her festival-filled summer and the debut album that she’s currently working on. 

To begin, what were your first memories of music?

Me in the car with my parents singing all the cassette songs they played!

Growing up, what do you think drew you to music the most?

Passion. I always knew that I would like to be in music and I always worked towards it. I didn’t know the exact way, but singing was a way out for me. Music always calmed my anxiety or boosted me in bad times so that prompted me to keep on doing it. 

Who inspired the sound that you are known for today? 

I have many references in my music. I like almost everything. I’m very open musically speaking, but my first reference was Rihanna. I’ve been an unconditional fan since I was little and the fact that she doesn’t release new music breaks my heart.

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How would you describe the current era of music that you are making? 

I’m always searching for new things. I don’t like to get stuck in a sound or in a specific style so I would name this era the discovery or evolution stage. 

We’ve been loving your song x ti. What was the inspiration behind it?

It’s a song that talks about a breakup I had a few months ago. It’s about when you don’t want to leave someone but you need to do it because the other person is losing themselves.  Sometimes some people stop being who they really are to please the other person and that doesn’t work. The lyrics are super hard but I needed to write it down at that time.

Can you tell us what was the most fun about filming the music video?

Shooting this video was a very challenging experience. I had never acted like this before so I was quite nervous because I wanted to do it well. The fun part was the team and being able to shoot this piece surrounded by friends.

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You have a summer of festivals lined up. Which city has your favourite crowds to play in front of?

I am very excited because it is my first official tour. Actually, I’m having many “first times” and that’s something exciting! Playing outside of my country in Chile, Argentina or Mexico was super special for me. People are very different from here in Europe so I especially enjoyed it!

What do you usually do to prep for a live performance?

I usually do pretty normal things: rest, do my make-up, warm-ups, drink ginger and hot water, rehearse with my dancers, talk to the band and send each other a lot of energy.

 You have featured on a lot of great tracks. Is there an artist you’re eager to collaborate with?

Luis Miguel or Rihanna. It’s always good to have dreams.

Lastly, what are your plans for the rest of the year?

A lot of new music is coming, and finally in January, my first album will be out. Right now I don’t have much time to get into the studio so I’m super focused on finishing the songs for the album and touring!

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Paula Cendejas‘ latest single Dolía is out now.

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