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Australian songstress Clea will have you craving a live gig, now more than ever. Her haunting tone and dreamy melodies are a refreshing take on the Pop-folk genre. As a conscientious artist, Clea sees music as a platform to express her concerns and ultimately make a change. “I like to think of myself as an environmentalist, so when I started to feel like I couldn’t help, that’s when Sugar started to unravel,” she explains. The track was inspired by the Australian bushfires in early 2020. “I felt so hopeless, it almost felt like, is this the end?” Clea recalls.  

The lasting impact of the Australian bushfires and the current worldwide crisis made Clea see things in a new light. “I feel like we’re very close to a tipping point and this world seems to only be spiralling downwards,” she shares. “I’m trying to communicate as much as possible through my music because that’s what I feel is my most powerful voice.” Her unique style and lyricism continue to be shaped by her surroundings, even during lockdown. “I’m not so much a storyteller of other people’s stories,” says Clea. “It’s all very personal for me, so it’s certainly been influenced by lockdown and the overwhelming sense of, I guess, collective despair and really looking at the relationships around you.”

denim set. Vintage
trainers. Converse
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Clea shares a studio in Queensland’s Scenic Rim with her partner and producer Alistar Richardson. The pair have managed to continuously create throughout lockdown. “We both produce music at our own studios and already have endless time, so that was just extended even more,” she says. As an unsigned artist, Clea relishes in having the creative freedom to run wild. “I’m very in control of everything I do because I can create whenever,” she reveals. “I feel like it suits me, especially at this point in my career, to ride the independent wave. I’m open for things in the future, but it’s good for now.” 

Clea’s creativity spreads far beyond music. She uses fashion as an extension of her sound and often styles her shoots and music videos. “I have such a big love for fashion, particularly vintage fashion,” she shares. When it comes to her enchanting sound, Clea draws inspiration from numerous musical influences. “When I was younger it was Laura Marling. She was the person I looked up to with storytelling, especially in how she created rhythm and how she played guitar,” says Clea. “My favourite band was Grizzly Bear, they’re this experimental, almost orchestral sounding band with great instrumentation. They’re so influential to me.” 

Looking towards the future, an album is next on the cards for this rising star. Clea reveals she’s hoping to release it before the year ends. “The album will be ready very soon. It’s very exciting. We can’t wait!”   

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