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080 Barcelona Fashion took the city by storm earlier this week, displaying innovative fashion design from in a beautiful location in the heart of Catalonia. The week invited audiences to ‘undress [their] minds’, allowing interested peoples from around the world the ability to watch each presentation on 080 Barcelona’s website. Today, Schön! has curated some notable designers and presentations from the week.
Scratch day to night — Antonio Marcial proposes office to beach wear in its latest occasion-defying collection. By deconstructing basics such as trousers through dropping the waistline and replacing belts with ribbons, Antonio Marcial removes the rigidness of business attire and infuses it with a little sensuality. 
Eñaut went back to black for its fifth collection, offering sleek streetwear selections capable of transcending into a distant dystopian future. The mesh vest tops, wired seams and nipple-bearing asymmetrical crop tops gave hope for a time where metropolises might be populated with experimental men’s fashion.  
The Escorpion woman has it all together — or so the label’s latest collection would suggest. The knitwear brand makes comfort look like class and relaxation look sophisticated with this collection, emphasised by the label’s use of minimalist silhouettes and muted colour palette.
Offering a colourful dose of Americana, LOLA CASADEMUNT BY MAITE mixed polka dots with cowboy boots and zebra print with fringe to create an infectiously joyful collection. Models took to the runway in breezy maxi dresses and leather short-suits making the collection the perfect summer capsule wardrobe, fit for city breaks and seaside getaways. 


Breaking the tradition of knit is what Paloma Wool does. This time, the label has served a strategic cleavage-bearing mini and a maxi fitted from head to heel. In fact, the collection is compiled by contradiction; the juxtaposition of the thick knit and sheer printed mesh, the bold leather boots and soft fabrics and its combination of daring and comfort. 


Jeans and a nice top may feel dated, but the statement blouse is very in — or so The Label Edition proposes in their latest venture. This collection offers enough of the kitsch garment to satisfy any 70s lover’s appetite; lavallières, bishop sleeves, ruffs and even a tartan dress fronting as a blouse made an appearance — and reminded us why we love to cover 080 Barcelona. All shows from the week can be explored on 080’s website.
Explore more from 080 Barcelona Fashion on its website.

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