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full looks. DPC “distorted premium collection”


The latest from streetwear label distorted people seeks to rethink basics from the ground up. With an emphasis on simplicity and quality, the “distorted premium collection” offers clear, minimalistic and timeless looks that feel rich and look great.

Founded by twins Huy and Dung Vu in 2008, distorted people has been revitalising streetwear since its early days. With the new distorted premium collection, this trend continues, featuring 21 distinct pieces made to be combined, mixed and matched. To hear more about this collection, Schön! spoke with the twins for an exclusive interview.

Introduce us to distorted people. What first inspired you to start the label?

The fashion label distorted people was founded in 2008 by twins Huy and Dung Vu in the heart of Munich. What initially started with t-shirts for their nightclub party series named “distorted” quickly became an insider tip in the streetwear scene. The driving reason for this was quite simple for the two: they no longer wanted to wear ill-fitting t-shirts and hoodies, but to design their own clothing line according to their own ideas of modern streetwear.

full looks. DPC “distorted premium collection”

full looks. DPC “distorted premium collection”

Your logo is very striking — a razor blade crossed over a butcher’s cleaver. Why did you select it? What does this logo say about the spirit of the brand?

distorted people is known for its clean cuts, outstanding quality, non-conformist designs and, of course, its catchy logo: razor blade and butcher’s cleaver as crossed blades. The emblem symbolises two different kinds of men — on the one hand, the delicate and stylish barber; on the other hand, the tougher butcher. distorted people wants to unite these opposites and be a brand for everyone who can identify with its lifestyle and values.

This is your first premium collection. Why did you opt to focus on basics for the “distorted premium collection“?

The new line of the streetwear brand distorted people called DPC “distorted premium collection” stands for clear, minimalistic and timeless designs in outstanding quality. The claim of Dung Vu, founder and head of design, was to address customers with his new line who want to make a quiet but clear statement through deliberately reduced styles with perfect cuts and the best materials. The 21 pieces are streetwear fashion basics that can be perfectly combined with each other and have been shaped into an extremely consistent collection.

full looks. DPC “distorted premium collection”

full looks. DPC “distorted premium collection”

full looks. DPC “distorted premium collection”

Tell us about the distorted people “Crew”. Who are they, and what does having this “Crew” mean to the brand?

At the core of the label’s philosophy is the special relationship between the brand and its customers — the distorted people Crew. Values such as loyalty, respect, diversity, solidarity and a never-give-up spirit connects distorted people with its customers and merges them into a community that goes far beyond a normal brand affiliation.    

Generally speaking, what inspires the designs of distorted people?

First and foremost, distorted people always tries to create something for its customers that will accompany them for a long time. It has its roots in streetwear culture, because this is where the brand and its founders originally come from. Therefore, material and durability of the products together with timeless design play a major role. It is also extremely important to the brand that no one feels dressed up in its clothes. Quite the opposite: they should reflect that you are true to yourself and authentic.

What do you have planned for the future of distorted people?

In the future, we want to remain true to our core values and thereby enlarge our crew with people who share these values and can identify with the brand. And, of course, we will continue to offer our customers high quality up-to-date streetwear within our various collections — distorted people, dpc and WMN — and work hard to continuously evolve.

full looks. DPC “distorted premium collection”

full looks. DPC “distorted premium collection”

Pick up the distorted premium collection on the label’s website. Follow distorted people on Instagram.

photography. Philippe Arlt

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