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Conscience has caught up with fashion, and while some in the industry are ignoring the call others have acknowledged that somewhere from damaging production to careless consumption there is room for improvement. OneTeaspoon is breaking the cycle. The Australian brand is remedying the unsustainable denim industry by challenging the conventions of production; revolutionising the dying process by using 70% less water and launching an initiative for sustainable cotton production globally. But while making this sustainable turn, OneTeaspoon hasn’t lost its ethos.

Founded in 2000 by Jamie Blakey, the main focus of the brand resides on making denim that is wearable and durable, designing the jean pieces you love that will stay with you. Coming out of the fashion industry, Blakey was determined to design clothes that she wanted to wear herself: edgy and functional. OneTeaspoon’s latest original collections, RAW and Utility, epitomise each component. The RAW collection features distressed denim and ‘Bandit’ cuts that will give you minimalist rocker vibes. While the Utility collection is relaxed but swanky with slouchy overalls and jumpsuits. There’s something for everyone. Literally. Both collections are available for men, women and in mini, for kids.

The essence is ‘rock & roll’, rebellious luxury. While the innovation spans the whole production process, OneTeaspoon gives us real, unpolished denim that harkens back to vintage origins, with customisable style. By offering buyers to be part of the solution and the chance to effortlessly curate their style, OneTeaspoon is doing things differently.

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