deep sensations


We’re buried deep in the moody fog of this Schön! online editorial, with photos and videos captured by Laurent Castellani. In an absent-minded haze, model Juliette disconnects us from time and place, bringing us outdoors for a spacey, strange experience. In this new world, she wears looks from Dice Kayek, André, Parfois, Litkovskaya and more styled by Dorothee Evouna. Hair and make up are by Antoine Lermite.


This Schön! online exclusive has been produced by

photography. Laurent Castellani
fashion. Dorothee Evouna
model. Juliette Jambon
hair + make up. Antoine Lermite
clothing. Dice Kayek, André, Parfois, Litkovskaya, Laura Vita, Émilio Pucci, Lili Sidonio x Molly Bracken, Nanushska, Edou Simon + Prettylittlething

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