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Casey Brooks’s hauntingly beautiful dance video ‘Stay’ shows how the universal themes of love and loss are inextricably linked. The dance is choreographed and performed by Emma Portner and Matt Luck, who portray angels in a graveyard setting. Blurred edges give this video an ethereal, otherworldly quality, as the relationship between a man and a woman and the power struggles in love, are narrated through dance. The couple beautifully and silently communicate with one another, going through the motions as though they are one. They reflect the need to hold onto something which no longer exists and the desire to find peace. ‘Stay’ by Rihanna is covered by London based artist Shaun Reynolds.

Direction & Story / Casey Brooks
Music / Stay (originally by Rihanna) cover by Shaun Reynolds @
Choreography & Dancers / Emma Portner & Matt Luck
Wardrobe / Sarah Perillo
MU / Colleen Runne

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