new design horizons | CUPRA unveils new formentor and leon

Heralding a new chapter in the whirlwind story of CUPRA, the launch of new editions of two iconic designs in Madrid this week – the Formentor and the Leon –  had press and guests in awe. With a spectacular reveal, CUPRA asserted its position on the market as a leader in innovative design and exciting aesthetics: “The CUPRA Formentor and Leon have both been a driving force in the brand’s  success as it expands its footprint around the world. It’s an approach that has  been incredibly successful with close to 600,000 cars delivered since the  brand’s launch in 2018,” said Wayne Griffiths, CEO of CUPRA. “The new CUPRA  Formentor and Leon are pure design obsession. Two models built to provoke  strong emotions and that strengthen the extraordinary bond with our Tribe. Two  models that represent what that small group of believers envisaged CUPRA  could be just a few years ago.”  

CUPRA’s latest enhancements are nothing short of captivating. With the iconic CUPRA logo adorning the front bonnet as the bold centrepiece, triangular matrix LED lights create an ultra modern feel. The rear illumination mirrors this triangular motif, framing the central CUPRA logo with finesse. The new matte hues of Century Bronze and Enceladus Grey infuse both models with unparalleled character.

Inside, a realm of streamlined sophistication awaits, epitomising modernity. Introducing a harmonious blend of style and substance, both the Formentor and Leon boast a revolutionary high-fidelity 12-speaker audio system, crafted in collaboration with the experts at Sennheiser Mobility.

CUPRA seized the moment to announce the birth of CUPRA Design, a visionary hub dedicated to pioneering design excellence. Beyond curating the brand’s merchandise, CUPRA Design embarks on a transformative journey, partnering with like-minded entities to infuse the essence of CUPRA’s style into diverse realms.

In tandem with the launch of the new Formentor and Leon, CUPRA unveils an array of collaborative novelties. Partnering with Barcelona’s sustainable jewellery brand MAM, CUPRA unveils a stunning collection featuring rings and “Welcome to the Tribe” bracelets, crafted from ruthenium and copper—materials echoing the raw authenticity inherent in CUPRA’s vehicle designs.

A Schön! highlight of the event, the CUPRA Design Obsession catwalk, mesmerised guests in the iconic Plaza de Cibeles. A mesmerizing spectacle unfolded as virtual models strutted along a suspended catwalk, embodying the nine core principles of CUPRA’s visionary ethos. Each avatar epitomised the brand’s ethos, from a rebellious spirit challenging norms to the unifying sense of belonging to the Tribe, encapsulating the relentless pursuit of improvement that defines the essence of CUPRA.

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photography. Sharon Lopez, Courtesy of Cupra

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