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Have you ever wondered what it would look like if a solid object such as a floor lamp suddenly exploded and the image was captured on camera? Well, look no further because we at Schön! have recently come across the photography duo Daniele Kaehr and Joschi Herczeg who actually enjoy blowing up things like that on camera.

For their fascinating collaboration ‘Explosion’, the twosome has custom-built a detonator which they have connected to a camera that has been programmed to snap photographs at the precise moment an explosion occurs. A tall floor lamp, a metal birdcage, and the bottom of a door have all been blown up on camera. By the courtesy of Daniele Kaehr and Joschi Herczeg, here are all the images so that you can see the stunning results for yourself.

Daniele Kaehr says that he has always wanted to understand the world on his terms, which is actually one of the reasons why he decided to become a photographer. His educational background was not related to the field of photography (he finished his Bachelor’s degree in physics at ETH and his research project at Uppsala University), but it has certainly been helpful for him when creating ‘Explosion’ since the project involves a certain degree of physics.

Daniele usually gets his inspiration from random things around him and from the most absurd daily life situations. Perhaps this is why his work is always so intriguing. In 2009 he began experimenting with fellow photographer Joschi Herczeg, who he has worked with many times in the past, to create ‘Explosion’ that you can see here now. Joschi, who specializes more in editorial and corporate photography, also gave his unique contribution to this mind-blowing series. We hope you enjoy it as much as we did!

Words / Malin Ayvaz
Photographer / Daniele Kaehr @
Photographer / Joschi Herczeg @


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