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earrings. Swarovski Curiosa Stud

Since its establishment in 1895, Swarovski has pushed the boundaries of possibility with magnificent jewellery, sculptures and experiences that lead style trends for years to come. 2021 is no different, and the well-known Austrian company recently unveiled an exciting collection highlighting new designs with impressive attention to detail and understanding of the current fashion landscape. 

This past year, statement pieces and chunky jewellery inspired by the Y2K style circulated social media feeds and pages. As temperatures rise and options for outfits and layering are limited, accessories such as stackable rings of multiple sizes and shapes and layered necklaces of different lengths became extremely popular within our digital spaces. Now that quarantine and isolation restrictions have lessened, we can experience these stunning looks physically once more, and Swarovski has the perfect pieces to do it. Designed by creative director Giovanna Engelbert, Swarovski’s new “Collection I” contains over one hundred pieces that are not only visually beautiful, but reflect the renewed, youthful spirit that commands our present moment.


ring. Swarovski Dulcis Cocktail Ring

bracelet. Swarovski Lucent Cocktail

Starting with the labels’ new cocktail rings, these jewellery pieces are effortlessly cool and nostalgic for the 2000s, almost like a beautifully ornate Ring Pop — minus the edible gem, naturally. The DULCIS cocktail ring’s pink crystal is positioned in the middle of pink or green metals, which contrast with their velvety, pillow-like appearance. With multiple rings to choose from that can be paired, stacked together or worn individually, the options for these stylish pieces are versatile and fun. In keeping with the theme of jewellery for the hands and wrists, the MILLENIA bracelet’s padparadscha crystals are a sparkling delight for the eyes.

earrings. Swarovski Lucent

earrings. Swarovski Lucent

For your ears, Swarovski keeps the colour going with its LUCENT earringsoctagon cut crystal divided in two to create an eye-catching look available in a variety of hues including, our favourite, a sublime ocean blue. Other earrings carry a delightfully nostalgic flair. The CHROMA collection’s earrings are edgy and sweet at the same time, owing both to their uniquely spiky blue pyramids paired with cushion cut crystals. Another distinctive collection piece from CURIOSA includes an elaborate, single stud earring designed with triangle princess cut stones and detailed framed embellishments, thus creating a tufted impression. 

These hot months are all about striking accessories that are not the afterthought to an outfit, but instead are the focus. Though minimalist jewellery staples will continue to retain their timeless and beloved beauty, it is unsurprising that we look forward to wearing vibrant pieces and introducing bold looks as life slowly, and carefully, molds to a new, optimistic reality.

earrings. Swarovski Chroma Creolen

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words. Maya Orbach

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