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The final day of this season’s 080 Barcelona Fashion Week has come to pass. Over the past three days, we’ve seen 080 Barcelona Fashion celebrate and provide a platform for brands and designers, honouring Barcelona’s design and textile heritage. Schön! is here to bring you fashion straight from Barcelona by recapping the final day’s events. 

University of the Arts London graduate Antonio Marcial is here to break gender norms. The young designer’s fashion label, ANTONIO MARCIAL, has quickly gained the attention of international magazines for his genderless and classic designs. Marcial has now debuted its latest collection, ‘Strangers and rouges’, at 080 Barcelona Fashion. The collection explores the search for one’s own identity in a homogenous society, whilst deconstructing the concept of ‘masculinity’ and ‘femininity’. 

For creative director and co-founder, Inés López-Balcells Point, Avec Studio is her DNA and essence. The partywear brand aims to encapsulate Pont’s style whilst creating looks for special events. Avec Studio’s latest collection, ‘Oasis’, represents a rebirth. After a two year pandemic ‘drought’ within the industry, this collection is the brand’s ‘Oasis’. With sophistication, drama and volume — Avec Studio is truly making its mark on 080 Barcelona Fashion. 

Istituto Europeo di Design graduate Gloria Lladó was born to design. From primarily working for local brands to launching her notable brand, Eiko Ai — Gloria Lladó is a success story. Eiko Ai’s latest collection, ‘Lucid Dreams’, is here at 080 Barcelona Fashion and is truly showing Barcelona’s creativity. The muse for the collection stems from one’s spiritual connection to the universe. Gloria Lladó celebrates women through creating chic daytime and evening looks for this collection. 

Paloma Wool is a brand that defies standards established by the fashion industry. The latest collection represents a turning point for Paloma Wool, with its new focus on elegant sportswear, shows the innovative nature of the brand. This collection is bringing natural colours, classic garments and layering to 080 Barcelona Fashion. 

Alba Ayza is a designer that quickly gained global attention, with international magazines such as GQ covering her collections. The designer focuses on genderless sustainable fashion that highlights the creativity of Barcelona. The Artelier’s latest collection, ‘Avant’, is one close to the designer’s heart. Following the loss of her aunt, the designer created a collection inspired by her family. With the use of fabrics such as organza and tulle, Ayza is bringing personal transparency to this fashion week. 

Is Coming is Constan Hernández’s latest clothing line. The brand represents “Versatile and important clothes to love”, with a dedication to slow and high quality fashion. Is Coming’s latest Autumn Winter 2022 collection ,‘Nostaligia Del Norte, encapsulates “hot coffee, a captivating book and a cosy fire”. The collection features tailored masculine cut suits with pieces of femininity. With Hernández’s commitment to bring long lasting fabrics, fair prices and classic designs — Is Coming is truly a brand to be appreciated at this fashion week. 


Simorra is here to reclaim the Mediterranean as its brand philosophy. With over 40 years of experience, the brand is committed to bringing quality and innovation. Simorra’s latest collection ‘The Meaning Of Paper’, explores reality and fantasy. The combination of tradition and modernity within the collection shows the creativity at 080 Barcelona Fashion, and provides a fitting end to our coverage of an exciting three days.

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words. Faseeha Khalid

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