skirt. Victoria Thomas
tops + skirt. Acne Studios
earrings. MarionVidal


Models Kristina, Tiziana, Maxime and Mu are sweet like candy in this Schön! online editorial photographed by Marie Canciani. Our team of models wears pieces from Victoria Thomas, Acne Studios, Vaqar and others styled by Coline Peyrot. Hair and make up for this piece are by Brigitte Meirinho and Helena Henrion respectively.

skirt. Vaqar
earrings. Acne studios
jacket. Marknul
turtle neck jumper. Victoria Beckham

earring. Iria Ashimine
scarf + dress. Veronique Leroy
yellow jacket. Vivienne
print jacket. GuyLaroche

shirt. Victoria Thomas
skirt. Marknul

bodysuit. Schiaparelli
jacket + skirt. Victoria Beckham

This Schön! online exclusive has been produced by

photography. Marie Canciani
fashion. Coline Peyrot
models. Kristina, Tiziana, Maxime + Mu @ NEXT Models
hair. Brigitte Meirinho
make up. Helena Henrion

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