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BLACKTAILOR is bringing cargo trousers back into your wardrobe. With versatile designs made to endure both casual and aggressive use, BLACKTAILOR is changing the game one pair of trousers at a time. As the label releases its Autumn/Winter 2021 [ Out of Library ] campaign, Schön! speaks with the minds behind the brand to hear how they were inspired to launch the label, their strict quality standards and what the label sees in its future.

What inspired the launch of BLACKTAILOR?

Back in 2017, we recognised how distressed denim started to really become a trend. We really liked the look and saw it as a staple in our everyday wardrobes, but we weren’t satisfied with existing product standards on the market, and sought to solve that. We believe that a pair of pants needs to be comfortable and functional, all while staying affordable. We started BLACKTAILOR at that time, specifically focusing on black cargo pants for their versatility.

What sets BLACKTAILOR cargo trousers apart from other cargo trousers?

While others in the market tend to sell a variety of other clothing pieces, the BLACKTAILOR difference is that we chose to exclusively specialise in cargo pants. The engineering of it has been our primary focus since day one, and we have achieved huge progress in improving our products since then. Our vision is to make it into every man’s must-have list, because we really love them.

full looks. BLACKTAILOR

full looks. BLACKTAILOR

How are BLACKTAILOR cargo trousers designed?

We communicate with our users pretty closely and review the feedback seen in reviews and emails. After that, our design team works with our tailor of 30+ years experience to balance the engineering and design. Everyone of the team wears BLACKTAILOR on a daily basis, so we get consistent opinions as well. We create five prototypes of each pair of pants before production to ensure that every pair of them is made up to our standard.

Introduce us to some of the cargo trousers styles available from your label.

A great starting point for a new buyer would be the X Straight Cargo and V Skinny Cargo product lines in our catalog. Both are our signature products and a standard of utility that we’re proud of. Our X Straight Cargo features a regular fit for everyone and stays comfortable for everyday wardrobe. Our V Skinny Cargo is more lightweight, great for urban environments while still being tough and resistant to weather. Best of all, all of our products are measured true-to-size so that our users have long-lasting cargo pants that fit perfectly.

You mention ensuring quality. What do those quality tests look like?

Before launching a new product, all products are prototyped in at least five different fabrics and are tested by our teammates to overcome daily life challenges so that we can get a realistic review from actual users. We also have a strict standard for our stitches per inch to ensure the consistency of our performance. All of the products have gone through a hands-on quality check, piece by piece, before shipping out. We also keep track of the QC record so that we can easily trace back when there is a problem.

full looks. BLACKTAILOR

Are your cargo trousers geared toward fashionistas, working people or both? How do you represent each area?

We try to make our cargo pants accessible for everyone, because who doesn’t love a pair of fashionable and functional pairs of pants? We made the design intentionally subtle so that it can be used for everyday use and match with a variety of outfits and shoes. The focus is on function more than being a fashion statement.

What’s next for BLACKTAILOR?

Fresh ideas come from team diversity. We expanded our design and marketing department this year, and there has been some great chemistry happening between the teams. More innovative and functional looks are in the works, and we’re excited to show the new products BLACKTAILOR has in store for our fans.

full looks. BLACKTAILOR

The BLACKTAILOR FW21 [ Out of Library ] collection is available now.
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photography + art direction. Alex Cheung
fashion. @loklammm_
creative direction. Morgan L
models. Ayomide, Alfie Gaspar, Barbara Majder, Deborah Reis, Aaron Wong + Emmanuel Sosanya
hair. Jason Goh
make up. Agus Suga
executive fashion. Sara Tazor
photography assistant. Ysatis
lighting assistants. Oli Stockwell + George Mills

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