Beyond Beauty with Grace Neutral

As she celebrates the beauty in difference, uniqueness comes to the forefront in tattoo artist and activist Grace Neutral‘s view of the world: seeing individuals for who they are is where true wealth resides. After heading to South Korea to uncover the illegal beauty scene in Seoul, where the influences of K-Pop, underground and gang culture were challenging the traditional notions of beauty, Grace Neutral heads to Brazil with i-D to reveal hidden gems of beauty. Challenging body image notions imposed by convention, Grace Neutral speaks to young people who are bringing their own vision of identity to the table. 

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As Grace Neutral heads to Brazil, notably to South America’s largest city – São Paolo – she dissects the ideal image of female beauty: a light-skinned, straight-haired, curvy-bodied clone. Taking apart the norms that objectifies women, Grace speaks to those who are bringing another dimension to beauty in their own unique ways. More than a simple aesthetic expression, beauty goes beyond with these individuals, bringing subjectivity, expressivity and identity to the forefront.

Watch the first episode of the second series of Beyond Beauty tomorrow on i-D!

Photography / Hick Duarte

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