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Cosmetics brand Jeuxloré has been innovating since its genesis in 2013 and its eyelash serum Superlative Lash is the perfect testament to that. An Amazon bestseller and a staple in every beauty editor’s must-have list, the Superlative Lash eyelash serum by Jeuxloré Cosmetics is the culmination of years of research — making it the expert in eyelash care.

Marrying the easy application of an eyeliner with the power of a serum, the Superlative Lash eyelash serum boosts eyelashes’ natural growth while providing maximum hydration thanks to its unique formula containing hyaluronic acid and vitamin E. Its scent-free and colour-neutral serum contains only the purest and gentlest ingredients.

Want to unfold the full potential of long, seductive, and beautiful lashes? Simply apply the serum once a day with the applicator, preferably in the evening, to cleansed skin and leave to dry. It’s advanced formula nourishes and hydrates the lashes from the root while promoting growth. In as little as eight weeks your lashes will be longer, softer, and more luxurious. One brush stroke is all that’s separating you from thicker, healthier eyelashes. 

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