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Antonio Ortega tapped into retro-futurism for his Fall/Winter 2016 collection in sequinned polka dots and floral applications. Inspired by the memory and love we give to those who have passed, the Mexican designer utilised flowers and pious images that were laser-cut and placed on jackets, coats, and dresses. Photographer Jarka Snajberk captures the first looks backstage. 

Antonio Ortega 1 IMG_2338-Antonio-Ortega-photo-Jarka-Snajberk IMG_2892-Antonio-Ortega-photo-Jarka-Snajberk IMG_2357-Antonio-Ortega-photo-Jarka-Snajberk Antonio Ortega 2 IMG_2372-Antonio-Ortega-photo-Jarka-Snajberk Antonio Ortega 4 IMG_3398-Antonio-Ortega-photo-Jarka-Snajberk IMG_3765-Antonio-Ortega-photo-Jarka-Snajberk Antonio Ortega 3 IMG_3677-Antonio-Ortega-photo-Jarka-Snajberk

Photography / Jarka Snajberk


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