backstage at paris women’s | anrealage


Society has grown numb to the constant clamour of the 21st century — the maniacal murmurs, the incessant whispers of a city, the cries of reckless cars. So how does noise take on meaning again? With Anrealage. Using mesh screens, Creative Director Kunihiko Morinaga revealed trompe l’oeil pixel patterns on sculpted charcoal dresses — with inelastic buckles and smoky jacquards —printed on top rounded outer coats. Photographer Quentin de Ladelune captures the backstage moments on camera.

Anrealage-3 Anrealage-25 Anrealage-12 Anrealage-26 Anrealage-7 Anrealage-34 Anrealage-21 Anrealage-44 Anrealage-16 Anrealage-49 Anrealage-59

Photography / Quentin de Ladelune


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