backstage at paris women’s | alexis mabille

Alexis Mabille 1Alexis Mabille married pinstripes and tassels, salmon silks and charcoal jersey for a refreshing feminine twist. The French designer incorporated long fringes that swayed against camouflage prints and tribal striped garments. Photographer Alice Jacquemin takes us behind-the-scenes for a closer look at the beauty and last minute preparations. 

Backstage-Alexis-Mabille-FW16_0014 Backstage-Alexis-Mabille-FW16_0088 Backstage-Alexis-Mabille-FW16_0030 Backstage-Alexis-Mabille-FW16_0089 Backstage-Alexis-Mabille-FW16_0165 Backstage-Alexis-Mabille-FW16_0137 Backstage-Alexis-Mabille-FW16_0124 Backstage-Alexis-Mabille-FW16_0093Alexis Mabille 2Backstage-Alexis-Mabille-FW16_0661 Backstage-Alexis-Mabille-FW16_0617 Backstage-Alexis-Mabille-FW16_0551 Backstage-Alexis-Mabille-FW16_0561 Backstage-Alexis-Mabille-FW16_0241 Backstage-Alexis-Mabille-FW16_0193 Backstage-Alexis-Mabille-FW16_1061 Backstage-Alexis-Mabille-FW16_0850 Backstage-Alexis-Mabille-FW16_1024 Backstage-Alexis-Mabille-FW16_0274

Photography / Alice Jacquemin


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