wunderkind at paris fashion week

Wolfgang Joop presented “Broken Sky,” a collection that honoured the splendour of ephemerality and life as a strange and surrealistic dream. Loose garments of ash started the runway show, followed by light organza dresses of dandelion yellow, spongy prints. Bronze and silver tailored suits entered the scene, as did oversized blazers with large pockets. Joop demonstrated his extraordinary attention to perfection in hip, baggy trousers and the mix-match of patchwork plaid that hint at the creation process. Burgundy petals juxtaposed with mustard roses and oversized chequered dresses glided down the catwalk.



The German designer illustrated his audacious spirit in his use of colour and textile combinations such as wool, silk, and leather. Who thought that red lips on a piece of toast would be such a visually exciting pattern for this collection? In addition to this quirky pattern was another of just eyes, a suggestion of a melancholic memory on a dreamy summer day.

Words / Sheri ChiuBenjamin Fitzgerald and Keanoush Zargham

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