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Yiqing Yin 3

Titled “Shed My Skin,” Yiqing Yin‘s collection spoke of barely-there pieces, edging on the realm of lingerie. Beauty was in the details: silk manipulated so finely to resemble peeled away skin. Lace gave the impression of that effortlessly crisp player of skin; solid jumpsuits were fluid like a serpent’s slither. Photographer Alice Jacquemin snaked her way backstage to capture pre-show action. 

Backstage-Yiqing-Yin-FW16_0010 Backstage-Yiqing-Yin-FW16_0325 Backstage-Yiqing-Yin-FW16_0305 Backstage-Yiqing-Yin-FW16_0303 Yiqing Yin 4 Backstage-Yiqing-Yin-FW16_0294 Backstage-Yiqing-Yin-FW16_0277 Backstage-Yiqing-Yin-FW16_0245 Backstage-Yiqing-Yin-FW16_0210 Yiqing Yin 2 Backstage-Yiqing-Yin-FW16_0208 Backstage-Yiqing-Yin-FW16_0152 Backstage-Yiqing-Yin-FW16_0199 Backstage-Yiqing-Yin-FW16_0298 Yiqing Yin 1 Backstage-Yiqing-Yin-FW16_0067 Backstage-Yiqing-Yin-FW16_0061

Photography / Alice Jacquemin


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